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    All projects posted need to have a clear set of deliverables and time frame, and based on this will it be accepted to match associated payment terms. Clients should evaluate several project proposals to fit the needs relevant to you in all aspects of communication, experience, location, reviews, portfolio, certifications and cost. Client accordingly should determine the project milestones and working hours necessary for project, or determine it as a lump sum. Proposals should fit the client’s request in aspects of time frame and expectations for the project, and determine how changes in the project will be accounted for.

    Proposal acceptance and guidelines

    The project needs to have its deliverables, duration, price, assessment method, schedule changes, holidays, delays and completion conditions determined. Any alteration of any component of the project proposal needs to be recorded and the Client to be informed of any change. Communication to projects-related issues should be prompt from both Client and Freelancer.


    Feedback and ratings should be accurate when assessing Freelancer and Client in the aspects related to the project. Other Users may access this information in order to determine suitable track records for future projects. Opinions will not be censored or monitored by Wecolab. Legal actions maybe held if reviews are upheld in court in cases of legally actionable of defamatory remarks, Wecolab is not responsible for third party comments or feedback.


    Users, Freelancer and Clients are solely responsible for fulfilling income tax, VAT, payroll tax, sales tax or aby other government requirement or documentation needed under applicable law.


    Unless otherwise agreed to in writing between the parties, either party may terminate the contractual agreement represented by these Terms and Conditions at any time upon notice to the other party. You shall continue to be obligated to pay any amounts accrued but unpaid as of the date of termination to Wecolab for any Site Services and to any freelances for any Services.


    Wecolab provides a payment service to receive and provide payment and both Client and Freelancer agree to use the payment service in aspects of the project. This means that no action can be taken to circumvent Wecolab payment services, and as a Client all payment should use Wecolab payment services and as a Freelancer all payments should be received under Wecolab payment services. Accordingly, Wecolab is considered the sole agent to transfer funds on your behalf, therefore Wecolab separates and Accounts funds from that of Wecolab’s operating account, and will not make funds available to any other entity. Any disputes between client and Freelancer will remain between relevant parties and Wecolab maintains no responsibility in such dispute; no action will be taken by Wecolab, and any action will be at the discretion of Wecolab. If a Client submits a Funding Approval on the Site, Client irrevocably authorizes Wecolab use the Payment Service to charge Client’s Account in the amount of the applicable Funding Approval, and deposit any amounts collected thereby into the Freelancer account.