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    Ialu_Graphic Novel

    Ialu_Graphic Novel

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    Living in the city of Phantasma, one can barely see outside beyond its massive walls. Gates seem empty with no sign of being used by the city’s inhabitants. The districts of the city are no different from one another, with the same houses, same streets and same trees. Everything is standardized leaving no place for nature or chance to interfere not even place for spontaneous dreams. The city reshapes itself everyday where the remains of the previous day are disposed, and dreams of people are swept away by the dream sweepers before they get up. Every morning, people wake up to the same view of spotless streets and trimmed trees following their mechanistic daily routine. Nobody wonders where the residue of yesterday goes; except for one person, Ialu. Living alone in his house, something accidental happens to him one day, and he starts to dream. His dreams make him aware of things that he once thought they were normal; therefore, he starts to write down his thoughts; keeping one and folding another into a paper plane. Throwing the paper planes away, he hopes that they can change someone’s life. He does that every day until one day, one of the city’s inhabitants commits suicide. Being something abnormal to happen in the city, he believes his paper planes are the reason behind this man’s death, only then, when he decides to quit dreaming and get back to his normal life, but still something stops him from doing so. In an unusual meeting with one of the dream sweepers, Ialu gets to figure out that he isn’t responsible for the suicidal accident, and that his paper planes only reached this dream sweeper who has become a dream collector after reading Ialu’s secrets. Together, they decide to take an action and give the dreams back to people.



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    Engy Mohsen
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